Tips for Crafting a Photobook as Gift

13 novembre 2012

As Thanksgiving Day and Christmas is around the corner, you may plan to send others some special gifts. Have you already got any idea? To be special, maybe you can create something memorable and meaningful instead of purchasing in supermarket. Everyone wants to have one’s own magazine, maybe a hard page photobook(flip page maker) which is made of photos is a nice choice. Each photo unveils a different experience and life moment!

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Skills for Designing E-photobook
1. Define a type: After you determined to create a photobook, then it is think time to determine what you want to share and present in this photobook. If your key point is landscape for your first photobook, then you will need to figure out the structure in your mind.
2. Choose photos: To ensure your virgin work is of the highest level, it is especially important that there is a rhyme or plotline that describing a complete story. The basic point is that the image chosen must be of high quality and theme-associated with each other. Never prepare to include too much photos in your photo books. There are some aspects you need to care about, like the image quantity, size, background, color which is important for designing a photobook of nice layout and visual experience.
3. Sequence of photos: It is not just the sequence of images, but the sequence of plot goes. Your photos are telling an interesting story, so please consider which role that each photo stands for. The best photobook must be the one that engage readers and make them feel on the scene. For example, if you plan to reveal the process of maple leaves turning red from green, then the photo sequence is green, yellow, orange and red.
4. Template and style: After you finished the things above, next it is time to consider how to decorate your photobook to meet the theme and your need. There are a large amount of template options varying from childlike to mature, lively to serious, simple to delicate etc. To vary your book with different elements, you can jazz up it with clipart, effect, soft music etc so that the viewers will not get bored.
5. Add caption for photos: By using the Kvisoft digital flipbook software, it allows you to customize the font, color and place of the caption in anywhere you like. However, adding caption for each page will not make any sense. So it can be inserted when there is a necessity. Be simple, brief and poetic!

Besides, you can also decorate your photobook with soft background music, dynamic effect and funny animations by using the digital magazine maker which is a nice applications for such use, you can get more nice tips and guides on its site.

Reach Clients via Digital Presentations

25 octobre 2012

When more and more friends love to purchase daily articles like applicance, clothes, foods etc online, it looks that there a bright future of e-commerce. If you have a website selling various goods online, and you’ll never neglect the digital presentation which plays an important role in marketing online business.
E-commerce is not similar with face-to-face business contact that it appears more virtual and impalpable. So how can you make your online business more visualized, and how to make your clients convinced about your products and service via digital presentation (can be created by some turning page software)? Hereof we’ll share some tips with you in this article.
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Why digital presentation is very important for online business?
1. Main online communicative means: A good online presentation is definitely the most reachable way to let your potential clients understand your product categories, uses, price as well as other specifications. A nice customer-service worker cannot guarantee a 24-hours service, but with a great online presentation definitely can help your communicate effectively with your site visitors anytime.
2. Useful content for enhancing business: Product introduction, images, e-catalog, blog entry etc are main components of online business presentations. They will help you represent your company and products. If you have excellent digital presentations on your site, you will give a nice reading experience and good feeling to the web visitors. In addition to that, the digital presentations are very effective content for search engine optimization which helps your site to get a nice rank in search engines, so that your products can get more exposures.
3. Free way to market your business on internet: It is easy to find useful e-documents like PDF, PPT files etc on some document-sharing sites on internet, or you may often review delicate sheets or cards in E-mail. It may give you a sense of feeling surrounded by various by various digital files. This is just because digital presentations are widely used in e-commerce marketing.
How to make effective online presentations?
1. Get to the point with accurate information: to capture audience, the very first part is that you must ensure the presented contents are brief and worthy-reading. Usually, interesting and helpful presentations are easier to get higher downloads or dofollows.
2. Illustrate your words with rich media: Comparing with words, rich media like photos and video looks more intuitional and believable in representation. If you want to create digital presentations of cool reading experience and rich media, you may try Kvisoft flipbook maker pro.
3. Pay attention to the layout and style: Along with common use of various digital devices such as iPhone and iPad, we can never look down upon the big quantity who read your descriptions via apps. Therefore, it is wise to make your e-presentations compatible with portable devices.

4. Helpful links instead of too much marketing: when you make e-presentations like documents for public sharing, then you’d better pay more attention to the place of links. Sometimes a link can be very helpful in readers’ mind, but sometimes it will be considered as spam. Helpful links which can let readers know more information will be liked by others.

Get Customized Video via Free Video Editors

11 octobre 2012

Have you ever used some classic video clips to highlight your company presentation, report, statistics or school lessons? For some special need, sometimes you may need to edit video such as clip to remove some useless parts. When there are countless paid video editting tools or video format converter online, actually you can still hunt some free but nice video editors for personal use. Stick around and take a look at the below video editors, and you may need them one day.
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1. Microsoft movie maker: This tool has already been installed on newer computers and it works on windows XP operating system. The Microsoft video tool can allow computer users to make and customize videos simply by drag. It also offers some add-on features like split, trim, drop and much more. Besides, it’s free to upgrade the movie maker online.
2. Wax: It’s another free video tool with wonderful features, which was firstly coming from a colleague project. It is suitable for both private use and professional use. You can run it on your computer as a stand-alone program, or let it work with other video editors as a plug-in. The freeware also stands out from other tools with unlimited video and audio tracks.
3. Zwei-Stein: This free utility looks more suitable for experienced movie editors as its interface is very technical and complex. Through it is difficult to handle, it provides countless effects that can help you deliver what you need accurately. It is powerful to edit 256 video or audio files. Cropping movie, panning and effect customization can be done without cost.
4. Pinnacle VideoSpin: The freeware is another great movie tool that you may use. It provides many useful features that suitable for both amateurs and professional video editors. It is easy to learn and use the tool to customize video as its interface appears very clean and intuitive. Nearly all basic functions have been offered here.
5. Avidemux: It’s free that can be easily used to cut, filter and encode movies as you like. I noticed that it supports many popular videos formats including AVI, MP4, MPG and etc. To use the freeware, you must install it beforehand.

These are the top free video tools that voted by worldwide video users, and they are totally free and clean for use. Except these free tools can do video editting for you, some all-in-one video converters like Kvisoft video conversion software can also do such use for you along with powerful video format conversion between alomost all video formats.

Is It Worthy to Upgrade iPhone 4S to iPhone 5

19 septembre 2012

Finally Apple released its new smartphone iPhone 5, and a large number of people have a great interest in the new handset. If you are one of the people who want to purchase an iPhone 5 to replace the old smartphone iPhone 4S, then there are a lot of thing that you must think before you make any decisions. If you like to enjoy movies or digital magazines (you can easily make one with flip page maker) on new smartphone iPhone 5 anywhere and anytime as you like, so is the new portable multimedia player an ideal player that better than iPhone 4S? Just see the comparison here.

In this article, we are not going to tell whether it is worthy to upgrade your iPhone 4S to newly-launched iPhone 5 as everyone’s viewpoint is different. Instead, we’ll present some facts and expert thoughts hereof to help you make decisions.
Is It Worthy to Upgrade iPhone 4S to iPhone 5 7998113759_fab589f2bd

Why iPhone 5 is different from iPhone 4S?:
1. Appearance and figure:
Larger screen: It is the first time that Apple brings changes to iPhone screen size ever since 2007. The iPhone is now coming with a much taller screen which is as long as 4 inches, while the old iPhone 4S is of 3.5 inch screen. When the big-screen smartphone of other brands are getting hot day by day, now Apple has forced to enlarge the iPhone 5 screen size to meet needs of clients.
Slimmer figure: Impressively the new handset looks much slimmer than previous ones. The old iPhone 4S is about 140g, but the iPhone 5 is more light-in-weight with only 112g. While the weight of iPhone 5 decreased about 20%, the thickness is also decreased about 18% comparing with iPhone 4S. Now a lot of people name the new handset iconically with the thinnest smartphone.
2. Difference in processor: Perhaps processor the most important point in this Apple upgrade. The new iPhone 5 uses a smaller A6 chip, while iPhone 4S gets the old dual-core A5 chip. It is reported that the new app iPhone 5 can work twice as fast as the old iPhone 4S, and also the graphics performance is also better that upgraded about 2 times.
3. Storage: It seems that iPhone 5 gets the same internal storage as old smartphone iPhone 4S: 16GB, 32GB and 64 GB. It is said that the iPhone 5 will be put on sale on September 21 in USA as well as many other countries with price little higher than iPhone 4S on market. When iOS 6 gets integration with iCloud, iPhone 5 will provide extra storage for its users.
4. Difference in camera: As you know that camera of higher megapixels takes photos of higher definition. Both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4s has the same camera megapixels, and the difference is that the camera size of iPhone 5 appears 25% smaller than iPhone 4S. Besides, the iPhone 5 stands out from iPhone 4S with a dynamic low light mode, which means that iPhone 5 can work much better than iPhone 4S in low-light condition.

Is iPhone 5 your satisfactory smartphone which is bettter than iPhone 4S? Someone thought that iPhone 5 is not successful as previous ones, so what’s you mind? Anyway, the new smartphone brings a lot of freshness to our digital life, just enjoy. Please get more about page flip at

Will iPhone 5 Come with Great Surprises?

12 septembre 2012

Do you like to watch movies on iPhone or iPad? It has been annouced that Apple will release new product iPhone 5, there are many rumors listed here that you may have a great interest. For friends who like to watch movies on iPhone, this video conversion software will help you a lot in video conversion. Want to know more rumors about iPhone 5, just go ahead to read the below scoops.
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When iPhone5 will be released?
It is not easy to make sure which date the new handset will be launched on. There is no news about the iPhone 5 on Apple WWDC but discussed more about iOS6.
The first indication about coming of the new device is the iPhone orders. Macotakara, which is a trustworthy news resource of Apple, announces that the new device is currently in production period.
Another scoop is coming from a Chinese accessory corporation who got a head up from Apple, disclosing that the new handset will be announced to worldwide people on 21th of the month. The rumor now gets consistent approval from other news resources. A large quantity of people and Apple fans now believe that the handset will be declared to public on September 12.
What iPhone5 looks like?
You may have already become accustomed to the design and look of iPhone 3G, iPhone4 and iPhone 4S. Are you expecting something fresh shocking eyeballs? Of course Apple will bring brand-new designing conception to iPhone 5 to satisfy our curiosity.
1. Screen and size: There are various rumors about the design of new iPhone 5. It is commonly estimated that the screen of the new device might be larger of 3.95 inch, possibly with a higher resolution of 1136*640, more sensitive and of strong scratch resistant capability. It looks like that the new handset will be thinner and lighter than former iPhone mobiles.
2. Processor: About the processor of new iPhone, many people guess that it might be similar with the quad-core processor of iPad. But many other people suspect that Apple may discard the quad-core in order to reduce the power consumption.
3. SIM card: The newest scoop reports that Apple will bring Nano-Sim card into use on the new device, which will be the smallest Sim card.
As there is no official news talking about the design and specifications, anything might happen and change before the release, and we can only guess. But one thing is believable that the screen has already been produced by Takashi Okuda and already shipped to Apple.
How much the iPhone 5 would be?
If you search iPhone 5 in a famous Chinese online store Taobao, you will get a lot of advertisements telling that the new handset is on sale at 749 pounds per each, although the iPhone 5 has not been released up to now. That’s so ridiculous.

Along with the coming of iPhone 5, you may need this video converter to transfer videos to play on iPhone, iPad, PSP etc, so that you can enjoy wonderful video clips or movies on portable players anywhere and anytime as per your need.

Pater-made Magazine VS E-magazine

5 septembre 2012

Paper-made magazine and e-magazine, which publication you like to read more in leisure? When millions of people love to read news and content via iPad, iPhone, Android, smartphones and tablets, it seems that e-magazine plays a key point in engaging audience and marketing online business. In this blog entry, we’ll make a comparasion between paper-made magazine and e-magagzine to make clear what are the bright points of e-magazine (can be made by Kvisoft pdf to flash magazine converter ).

Pater-made Magazine VS E-magazine dans digital publishing 7926277992_786b5e237a

Hereof we listed five advantages of digital magazines:
1. Statistic is more visualized and easy
Once you published a digital magazine on your site, you can easily get datas like magazines hits, reading time, hyperlink clicks, new readers, returning readers and much more points via Google Analytics. But for traditional paper magazine, you need to wait a long time to get accurate statistics and reports if you want to track its marketing effect.
2. More interactive with rich media
Comparing with paper magazines, the digital magazine has the obvious advantage in interactivity. While there are only pictures and texts on printed magazines, digital magazine is more flexible that can be enriched with video clips, YouTube movies, hyperlinks, music, clipart, dynamic effect and so forth to highlight magazine content and reading experience. Besides, readers can leave feedbacks or suggestions online conveniently after reading digital magazine, but this does not work so conveniently while we are reading realistic magazines.
3. Portable with high accessibility
The hard page magazines are heavy in weight and large in size, so it is inconvenient if you want to read them on subway, in canteen or during tourism. However, digital magazine appears more portable that you can enjoy it online or offline on digital devices like iPad, iPhone and other tablets anytime and anywhere as per your need.
4. Easy delivery via internet and eco-friendly
Because of heavy weight and large size, it may cost a lot in hard page magazine delivery. Besides, paper magazines consume too many papers and cost a lot in printing which are not cost-effectively and eco-friendly. Comparing with digital magazines, the paper magazine is much more expensive for readers to access which means that readers might be limited to rich ones.
5. More comfortable reading experience
You may consider that reading digital magazine is not comfortable as reading real paper books. But currently powerful digital magazine publishing tools creates a nice feeling as reading realistic printed books. Digital magazines can flip pages with other features like zoom, share, bookmark etc. Readers may feel more comfortable as they can enjoy engaging content and news in a way which is completely new and userfriendly.
6. More effective in spreading
If people think an online magazine is very helpful and worth-sharing, they only need to click Share button to communicate the magazine content with friends, families, and colleagues via social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg etc, or copy the magazine link for distribution. But paper magazine cannot offer such convenience for readers.

Want to design some outstanding e-magazines to attract more readers and boom business, to learn more about flip page tool to see how can you make 3D page flipping magazines effortlessly.

How to Design Eye-catching E-publications to Boom Business?

29 août 2012

Have you ever written some blog entries for online distribution but the the visits were not satisfactory? If so, this will be the right tips to steer you out from worries. Following the below tips, and you’ll be inspired about how to attract more people to read and share your e-publications (can be made by pdf page flip software ) with the world. In return, it can also help you boom your online business.

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Tip 1: create interesting and useful contents
To find what your readers are interested about, you’d better take several minutes everyday to analyze your web analytics and traffic datas, so that you can easily identify which webpage gets the busiest traffic or most visitors. By sorting the hottest web pages out, you can sum up the favorite and interesting topics and then divide them into different categories. What’s more, interesting and helpful contents may also drive more audience to share your site with more people.
Tip 2: continue publishing and interact with comments left
Readers are more likely to read fresh things, so continuous update is important. You can keep a schedule to do content update regularly to ensure your audience can get the newest update every visit. This may convince the readers that your site is reliable and live. Besides, don’t neglect to answer the feedbacks or comments left on your site. Be interactive, your audience will be happy to see the comments are answered. By the way, you may be inspired.
Tip 3: Let your readers subscribe easily or be informed
It is important to ensure your readers can easily subscribe your content, so you can put a subscribe icon beside your posts. If there is no subscribe icon, you can also inform your readers of the newest scoops and helpful blog entries via cost-effective email marketing. The two ways may help your audience get the newest updates in due course.
Tip 4: take magic power of social networks
The followers of your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc, are the people who want to know your thoughts and posts. So why not share a link of your e-publications with your followers? This may enhance the exposures of your publications, and keep more people engaged with your news, tips, story and business.
Tip 5: share publications on social bookmarks
A large number of people love to get news via some social bookmarks like LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit, Excite and more, so it would be great if you can take fully use of those famous bookmark sites to grab more attentions. If your content is interesting, unique or helpful enough, readers will vote up which in return increases audience base.
Tip 6: bring new things to publications

People always like reading something new and special, so it would be more excellent if you bring some unqueness into publication presenting style. I’ve seen the special turning page effect that makes a virtual paper book. The vivid 3D page-turning animation definitely can bring your audience a comfortable reading experience, maybe you can create it with this Flipbook Maker Pro which is a leading page flip tool of

List of Free Online Presentation Tools

15 août 2012

Do you want to bring more exposure opportunities for your online business? Do you want to let more people know your product and brand? If so, you may also need the bellow free online presentation tools to distribute your presentations. Some friends use paid presentation tools like Kvisoft pdf to digital magazine tool to create unique online presentation, but there are also some free and nice tools listed for you.

Why you need to present yourself online?
In the current times of information and internet, people who can catch the most eyeballs will benefit the most from online business. In such case, a unique and attractive presentation is an indispensable point for enhancing your product exposure times or web visits. If you stuck on making online publications, just let the following tools give you some fresh inspirations.
List of Free Online Presentation Tools dans digital publishing 7779626490_b48197d5ab
Free online presentation tools you must see:
1. 280 Slides: It is a free online tool coming with a clean and clear user interface. It allows everyone to create own presentation, also it supports uploading your existing files as slides. The powerful freeware can easily transfer your rich-media Flickr files and YouTube movies to your 280 Slide presentations. Many built-in themes are provided for users to make captivating slides easily. The created rich-media file can be downloaded as PPT. For online distribution, you can also send the file to your friends or potential clients via email, or display it on your web, blog etc.
2. Google Doc: With the free service Google Docs, you can load your existing photos, PDF, PowerPoint and video to design your own presentation. It also allows users to create presentation from blank page with embedded image and link. The free service also supports others to read or modify your content.
3. PreZentit: It is also a free online service for making, sharing or showing presentations online. The free tool even allows you and your collaborators to create the same presentation at the same time. Frankly speaking, it offers an easy and fast solution in making presentation. Besides, each of your creation will get its own web address, so that the file can be applied in both offline sharing and online distribution. If your creation is not satisfactory, the free tool also offers you a chance to edit it.
4. SlideShare: It is another presentation resource which provides both free and paid services. Using the free option, you can upload your documents like PDF, PowerPoint etc freely without quantity limitation. But if you want to share your videos on SlideShare, you must upgrade to pro version. Aiming to drive more audience to your web, then you can embed a link (clickable) into your presentation. The published content can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, In Share etc conveniently by your readers.
5. Empressr: It is another free rich-media presentation application. With the freeware, you are allowed to load photos, video and music from your local driver to make your stylistic online presentations for public sharing or private use. The free tool allows you to create presentation from blank pages or import PowerPoint file as the content. The creations can be shared among your friends, or be showed on web or blog.

To get more similiar presentation sites, you can simply search with keyword online presentation and you’ll get more choices. You may also want to bring more creative inspirations to online business presentation, then the digital page turning program will provide you some special clues.

Easy Skills Help You Design Attractive Brochure

24 juillet 2012

Hello, everyone. If you are still presenting your company information and holiday discount news via PDF files, then there is a great possibility that your clients have become bored of seeing the same things time by time. How to catch the first sight of your potential clients with a unforgettable impression, how to make your company brochure outstanding from your competitors’ presentations? If you are racking brain about such problems, then the following top 5 tips will drag you out from frustrations.

It occurs to me that maybe you can create a unqiue flipbook-like digital brochure (can be made by digital publishing tool ) as your company profile.
Easy Skills Help You Design Attractive Brochure dans digital publishing 7626655958_bbc2a5970d

Why company brochure is important for you?
A brochure is a nice method to package lots of information about your company, your service, products and expertise into digital format which is easy to be distributed to your clients via email and social networks. A brochure is just like a face-to-face communication with your potential clients to inform them about your discounts, business and product uses. It is of great possibility that someone suddenly becomes interested in your products or service after viewing your brochure.
Skills for designing company brochure:
1. Lay stress on your target audience: A right orientation will make your brochure more effective. Before creating brochure, you must make certain that what kind of people might be your target consumer group. It will help you to determine what content and information should be put in. This will drive your potential clients to read brochure.
2. Put important information in headline or subhead: Usually there is little patience when people read promotional or advertising content, so they are used to skimming fast to read instead of reading the whole brochure body. For such reason, it is reasonable to put the most important information in well-marked headlines or subheads to make sure the important content can get across anyway.
3. Ensure brochure cover is eye-catching enough: When you design brochure, please bear in mind that the cover might be the only part that will be read by your audience. To make full use of it, then the cover is where you should place your promotion event or product benefits. Besides, an eye-catching brochure will stand you out from competitors.
4. Make sure your brochure easy to read in simple and clear style: The customer is god. When you compose brochure, please sincerely write messages as if you are writing a letter to friends. It is the best to express you with proper font size, style, simple language instead of intricate jargons, so that everyone can easily understand the content.

5. Present brochure with unique but simple design: Suppose the brochure was too showy and over-designed, then it might take attentions away from reading the inner content; but if your brochure is not attractive enought, then you might lose attentions of your target audience when there is an intense competition. Ensure your company brochure look outstanding but not too showy, you can simply add a page flipping effect to your digital brochure while Kvisoft turning page software.

Tips for Driving More People to Distribute Your Publications

18 juillet 2012

If you are aiming to creating some special digital publications for online distribution to bring more visits to your web, or if you want to show your products in a unique way to attract potential customers, then you must make your publications worth-sharing, so that it can drive your readers to subscribe and share it with more people to increase its exposure. Stay here for a moment, you may need the below tips about how to create a stunning yet unique e-publications.

Tips for Driving More People to Distribute Your Publications 7587147964_9b6da26482

1. Name e-publications with killing titles: A good headline is half of success, which can attract new readers but also direct current audiences to recommend it to their friends for further read. There are always too many new things online, so a killing headline can ensure you standing out from other subscriptions, attract people to click and get the highest exposures.
2. First impression is powerful. Usually, the first impression will infect the mood of whole reading process, so you must make your audience happy by a wonderful reading experience, such as match your digital edition with clear-to-see fonts, high-definition image, dynamic page turning effect (it can be made by flip page maker ), or other multi-media components.
3. Worth-reading content is the key. It is another half of success. If an article attracts readers to click by a killing headline, but then disappoint them with worthless yet uninteresting content, it must leave a terrible impression to followers and subscribers. Worth-reading e-publication content can be useful tips, newest scoops, popular topics, happy things or any other something beneficial.
4. Ensure it’s easy to share and subscribe. If you want others to follow or share your digital publications online, then you must make it easy and convenient for them. At this point, YouTube sets a good example for us with easy buttons like share via Twitter, Facebook, BlogSpot, Email, Google+, LinkedIn and many popular social networks. Adding these buttons to your e-publications interface to reach more people, it is also can be easily done by some tools like Kvisoft digital magazine maker.

5. Choose the right time to publish: Reading digital publications, just like doing anything else, needs a good mood. If you send your publication link to your readers via e-mail at busy time like early morning which is time for handing the most important emails, then your digital editions might be ignored with great possibility as they received too many emails, let alone share your contents with others. It would be better to distribute digital editions to your readers at their leisure.